Crowdfunding is tough. Don't get a twitchy eye. Get help.


Working on a crowdfunding campaign can seem overwhelming.


If you’ve done some research, you know that running a successful campaign means a lot of gut churn and hours (and hours) (and hours) of work. Our resources are designed to ease some of the stress of launching a campaign.

We know it’s tough; we’ve been there, ourselves, and worked with partners to consult for or manage campaigns. The resources on this site are based on our own experiences with running campaigns, as well as research we’ve done to improve our own success – designed to help you not just survive your campaign, but launch your dream.

We can’t guarantee you won’t still end up with a twitchy eye, but we do guarantee that we can help you get to know crowdfunding strategy, and that can make a big difference for your campaign and your sanity.




We offer one-on-one consulting services for those seeking mentoring and guidance. 


Our workshops are designed to share strategies that tend to lead to crowdfunding success.